Indigenous Roots – Girls’ Outdoor Leadership

“The story goes…this young girl was born to be a leader, but she was scared that she would never do a good enough job. So she ran away…until one day she saw herself in water, and didn’t recognize herself. She realized, ‘I can do this. I was born to do this.’ And she returned to her community to fulfill her role.”

Lisa Tallio – Director of Combining Our Strength™ and Minerva’s resident storyteller

About our pilot year 2017

The most profound way to create positive change in the world is by supporting opportunities for young Indigenous women. 

Building the leadership potential of an Indigenous girl creates a ripple effect in her family and community as she passes on her wisdom.

Minerva’s mission is to celebrate and strengthen the voices of Indigenous women and girls in BC.

In 2017, we are launching Combining Our Strength™ Indigenous Roots, a unique program for 25 girls aged 13 to 19. Participants will increase their confidence through culturally-relevant leadership development and experiential outdoor learning. The pillars of the program allow participants to deepen their commitment to their communities, culture, land and themselves. 


  • Identify and strengthen participants’ self-awareness, individual and group responsibilities, social awareness and resilience
  • Connect with nature and Indigenous cultural content to increase sense of identity and belonging
  • Provide Indigenous girls with the tools to contribute to social, economic, spiritual and cultural development.


March – December, 2017


Workshops to take place mainly in Vancouver and outdoor activities to happen throughout Lower Mainland. 


  • 5-Day Rejuvenating Roots Retreat at Camp Squeah, Hope BC
  • Workshops with keynotes:
    • Values-based leadership
    • Finding our Strengths
    • Building networks and finding a mentor/sponsor
  • Various outdoor day adventures
  • 21-Day Expedition around Vancouver Island’s most stunning locations


How to apply

Nominations for Indigenous Roots have now been completed. Feel free to contact us if you would like any information. Nominations for 2018 will be open Fall 2017.

Indigenous Roots is a cost-free program thanks to the generous support of our sponsors.

For more information contact: Jacquelyn Nadrazsky, Coordinator of Combining Our Strength™ or Ashley Milbury, Youth Programs Coordinator